Sunday, June 9, 2013

Doctor's Order

"Wow, that sure is a lot of bacon!" I exclaimed to woman across the register from me as I rang her up. She had placed a block of bacon, at least 5 pounds, and almost $30 onto the belt. "Yeah. My doctor told me that I needed to eat more protein since I'm doing Paleo, and he recommended bacon." !!! I was aghast. This woman, around thirty years old and overweight, was eating more saturated fat and thinking that it was okay, all because someone who should be giving her sound medical advice told her it was a good idea. I tried to retain composure as politely as I could. "Hmm.. seems counterintuitive for a doctor to be prescribing bacon" was all I could muster without losing my cool. Her face dropped, and she became almost sheepish with this news flash. SERIOUSLY!? DOCTORS PRESCRIBING BACON?!?

From the American Heart Association:

I like this blog's rant about processed meats (i.e. bacon) and Paleo:

By advising an overweight, sedentary woman eat more saturated fat from processed meat will undoubtedly cause issues such as an increase in cholesterol, bloating, and clogged arteries.

And yes, I will admit that I am not a Naturopathic Physician (yet...), and that I am, in fact, a 27 year old cashier at "America's Healthiest Grocery Store"! I advise you to do your own investigative work and educate yourself.

*Age: Appeared to be at least 3 years my senior
*Activity level: Gauged by the visible lack of muscle tone in waist/arms/chest and excess fat